Gas Station Answers for Gas Station Questions

by Jeff Lillie

Jeff Lillie is editor of PDX Scooter Rider Magazine in Portland, Oregon. Jeff contributed this list to 2SB just as I gave up on the print edition, so it's finally seeing the light of day here.

A scooterist list by PDX Scooter Rider
Thanks for your kind words of interest but I must be on my way.
Wow you really drove that far on that Goldwing?
Please don't beat me up what did I do to you?
Yes they get good gas mileage, thanks.
Sorry, they cost more than that.
Sure jump on, here's a helmet.
My mom won't let me sell it.
Beastie who grand what?
1 gallon exactly, please.
No I won't buy you beer.
No it's a Lambretta
Are you kidding?
No it's a Vespa.
I don't know.
That's nice.
Oh, really?
Thank you.
Fuck you.
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