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Quadrophenia DVD Giveaway!

Rhino Home Video is not only releasing the remastered deluxe edition of Quadrophenia on DVD, they've also arranged a tour of a new print of the film in movie theaters across America. More Info

For too much information about the film, and another chance to win the Rhino DVD, check out Quadrophenia Net.

The contest is finally over!

We only got three entries, so we're sending them all a prize. That'll teach the rest of you to not enter our contests! Here are the entries:

Briana Bolger's entry reflects her usual collage style, it's refined and arty, but fun, just like Briana herself. You can see more of her work at her kewl website monkeypile. Briana gets a Quadrophenia DJ bag and an H&R Puffinstuff pin since i don't want to look like I'm giving the top prize to my friend. Plus, she hates most classic rock anyway, unless it's recycled by 48-year-old-guys from Dayton, Ohio.

Melissa Broadway's entry confused me at first. I opened it in Photoshop and it looked like she'd simply colored the scooter green. Nice, simple, and well done, but hardly the effort required to win such a challenging contest. Later, I opened it in a picture viewer, and it was magenta. I was confused and worried I somehow corrupted the file. So I opened it in Netscape, and OH! Now I get it. it's animated! Melissa wins the DVD not only for artistic merit, but also because she seemed to be the only person who really cared if she won or not.

Geoff Hazelton is to art what Rob Hodge is to mechanical engineering. Breaking the rules, and learning as he goes, Geoff saw fit to pay tribute to Rob's 111 Frankenstein race bike. It's actually a painstakingly accurate replica. It appears he used an Amiga computer with a plus-cursor as a brush, but he got the job done. Geoff still has an eight-track player, so a DVD is of no use to him. He's won himself a Quadrophenia DJ bag and some 2SB mersh.

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